Kamis, 27 November 2008


I travel from Jakarta to Sukabumi west Java by bus, around 2 hours I came to Situgunung National Park; this area with 100 ha is natural preservation Gunung Gede Pangrango National park zone.

This location High is 950 up to 1.036 meter above the sea, with hill topography and with astronomy 106 54’37” – 106 55’30” East longitude and 06 39’40” – 06 41’12” south latitude. This area including B climate mean rain 1.611 – 4.311 mm per year with 106-187 rain days per year. Temperature in a day is 20ºC up to 26ºC and in the night 16ºC up to 20ºC. It’s cool enough for Indonesian.

There is mosque, rest house, and toilet in this area. After got meal, I take my backpack to camp area walking around 1 km. Fresh air, beauty flora view, flower and bird make me forgot my fatigue. My purpose here is visiting Situgunung Lake & Curug Waterfall.

Day 1.
Situgunung Lake: artificial lake with 10 ha around beauty panorama of Gunung Gede view (Great Mountain) & ironwood.

Day 2.
Curug Waterfall: natural beauty of waterfall beside the hill is decorated by resin three and rock. Between Curug waterfall and Situgunung Lake I have to walking around 1 H.
Although only 2 days here, I can see the potency of Situgunung National Park like:
1. Tour in this area, hiking, fishing, picture hunting etc.
2. Team Building for company
3. Camping for a view day because there is special location for camping.
4. Study tour for student, learning ecosystem here flora & fauna.

1. Rest house: 4 rest house & 1 many purpose building for 200 people.
2. Camp area: 5 ha around resin three in the juggle with 8 toilets.
3. Service & Information Center: all about this national park information we can get easily.
4. Cafeteria for breakfast & lunch, but we can order special menu.
5. Souvenir shop.
6. Pedestrian is connecting one place to another place.
7. Shelter: for rest or for waiting the bus.
8. Parking area.
9. Mosque.
10. Toilet.

How go there?

This location is easily to visiting, many public transportation or ojek (motor cycle) at Cisaat, from Sukabumi to Situgunung Lake 15 km around 30 minute. With private transportation from Jakarta in to tol gate Fatmawati via Bogor distance around 100 km need time 2 H and from Bandung distance around 106 km need time 3 H.

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